Laven Partners releases updated version of proprietary due diligence software


Laven Partners is delighted to announce the official release of the 1.7 version of the Due Diligence Manager™ software. The software is designed to assess the operational weaknesses and strengths of asset managers. The newest version represents a significant update to the content, breadth of coverage and scoring of Laven Partners’ Independent Process of Operational Due Diligence (IPODD) reports.

The updates in the release include:

  • Service Providers: enhanced independent service provider questionnaires to provide more detail and color on matters such as NAV calculations, cash transfer controls and assets
  • Front Office: a deeper analysis into the use of data warehouses and how an investment team researches and catalogs investment ideas and decisions
  • Risk Management: enhancements to the risk management review process to provide further details and insights into risk reporting and risk culture
  • IT: further investigation into cyber security policies and testing procedures to ensure the protection of customer data
  • ESG: introduction of a new ESG section to document whether a manager has adopted any ESG standards and a review of the ESG policies and procedures
  • Compliance: new and updated regulatory compliance topics specifically designed for managers subject to AIFMD, UCITS, SEC, CFTC, FINMA, MAS and SFC

Laven Partners’ Due Diligence Manager

Laven Partners combines strong expertise and proprietary technology to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive operational due diligence services in a cost efficient manner. The Due Diligence Manager was developed in 2014, digitalising operational due diligence work and report production.

The software allows subject matter experts to focus on their areas of expertise while ensuring time efficiencies and project management. In addition, the technology allows for module customisation – specific areas depending on client’s specific needs and corporate identity. A number of strategies can be covered as part of the software, with tailored templates ranging from hedge funds and funds of funds to private equity funds.

Manager information is linked to prescribed answers derived from facts and measured against applicable regulations from Europe, the United States and Asia or best practice standards from leading industry associations (AIMA, the MFA, ILPA and Invest Europe). The due diligence reviews are based on a comprehensive check of over 520 potential weaknesses.

The Due Diligence Manager also provides a document repository to ensure that the final report and all supporting documentation are linked. The technology is used during Laven Partners’ outsourced due diligence work and it can also be licensed directly by clients.

If you would like to request a demo of the Due Diligence Manager, please contact Martina Korudova at [email protected]

Regulatory Hosting

Laven offers a UK regulatory hosting platform which provides clients with the opportunity to conduct regulated activities as an Appointed Representative (AR).


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