White Paper Series: 1. The Idea of the Offshore Management Company

The Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, according to Q2 2012 statistics published by their regulators, have in total over 13,000 mutual funds between the two jurisdictions and, more importantly, over 2,500 management companies.

But how many of these management companies are really doing what they are supposed to do and truly carrying out their functions as investment manager?

This white paper looks at the reasons for setting up an offshore management company and how it should be managed from an operational and tax point of view. We have also sought to provide our readers with case studies that showcase the growing efforts of tax authorities to clamp down on tax avoidance across a number of jurisdictions.

Please download our white paper here.

The white paper series on How to Run Offshore Management Companies and Funds with Substance and Corporate Governance is produced by Laven Financial Services, a consultancy providing substance and control services in the Caribbean across traditional hedge fund structures, such as management companies in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Laven Financial Services offers corporate governance, international compliance and operational support services, as well as directorships to offshore management companies.

The series draws on the Laven group’s experience in corporate governance and fund formation but also its expertise through compliance and tax specialists and operational due diligence consultants. The white paper series is also offered as useful guidance for any investors on how they may view corporate governance of offshore fund structures when carrying out any operational due diligence or manager selection.

Regulatory Hosting

Laven offers a UK regulatory hosting platform which provides clients with the opportunity to conduct regulated activities as an Appointed Representative (AR).


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