Increased Emphasis on Market Abuse Training

Fighting market abuse has been a regulatory priority since the FSA’s Business Plan 2007/08 and the regulator has since significantly increased its activities in enforcement and financial crime prevention. The FSA’s Director of Enforcement and Financial Crime, Margaret Cole, said in June 2010 that over the last two years the FSA has achieved “record totals of fines and prohibitions as well as records for highest fines“.

The FSA has promised to pursue more criminal cases and levy higher civil fines to boost deterrents in its battle against market abuse. The focus of the FSA’s policy is increasingly changing from a principles based regulation to being an enforcement-led regulator.

Firms are required to work towards the prevention of market abuse with the help of a number of methods, including:

  • internal compliance strategies;
  • tailored training and staff policies; and
  • maintaining records of trainings.

Following the FSA’s pursuance of more enforcement action, firms are recommended to be vigilant and ensure staff are sufficiently aware of their market abuse obligations.

Laven Partners is therefore offering vital market abuse training seminars tailored to client’s needs and for varying sizes of groups,starting at £1,500 per session (prices vary depending on number of delegates and length of seminar).

Our seminars are interactive and practical and also review a number of recent case studies allowing participants to fully understand the market abuse regime and ensuring firms meet their regulatory obligations. Further, such training will have a direct impact on any defence you may have to raise against a market abuse accusation.

Should you require further information on our training services, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or on +44 (0) 207 838 0010.

Regulatory Hosting

Laven offers a UK regulatory hosting platform which provides clients with the opportunity to conduct regulated activities as an Appointed Representative (AR).


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