The Financial Times Guide to Investing in Funds

Jerome de Lavenere Lussan launches the Financial Times Guide to Investing in Funds: How to Select Investments, Assess Managers and Protect Your Wealth.

Laven Partners is proud to present Jerome de Lavenere Lussan’s new book The Financial Times Guide to Investing in Funds: How to Select Investments, Assess Managers and Protect Your Wealth.

The book draws on Lussan’s experience in legal and regulatory matters which led him to create an internationally renowned operational due diligence service at Laven Partners to assist investors to review the operations of fund managers. The book offers new and unique insights into the funds world, covering how to evaluate an investment fund before deciding where to place your money, and ensuring protection of your wealth by optimising returns and limiting operational risks. Lussan specifically lays out the investment assessment process from an operational due diligence point of view based on years of practical experience in the industry.

The book may be purchased online from Amazon and Pearson Education and is available now. It is also available from major bookstores around the world.

Lussan, CEO of due diligence firm Laven Partners notes: “I really hope this book will be a useful tool for anyone in the fund industry. The book will enable all types of investors and interested parties all the way from pension allocators to politicians to make better informed decisions about the fund industry.”

He continues: “The book will teach you how to select funds based on the reliability of the business model and investment processes used by asset managers, as well as the quality and substance of their operations. Readers will learn how to assess management companies and fund structures, what pertinent questions to ask regarding the fund’s service providers, and also how to evaluate the operational infrastructure. It also details how to perform thorough compliance and background checks on fund managers. It is also full of practical real life examples.

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